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Therapist Amstelveen  4-inspiration: therapy and coaching

Psychologist 4-inspiration

Somewhere deep inside you you have your own answers.
Sometimes you can’t see solutions, you are out of balance, feel stuck and you would like to change it. You want to be creative again. Right now you have no idea how?
I am Carla Leutscher, 4-inspiration psychologist for therapy in Amstelveen. I have supported a lot of expats and other English speaking clients in Amstelveen with therapy, counselling and coaching.  I love to inspire you in creating more balance in life.

I am a Jungian therapist working with depthpsychology according C.G. Jung. I am a Lifecoach and Careercoach. Depthpsychology is a sort of psychotherapy. You experience your own new answers and changes. So it is more than cognitive psychology, results are more sustainable. A quick fix won’t work under pressure. Also I am a burnout specialist with good stress therapy skills.

Each of us has a purpose, a reason for our life. We are all designed to be someone, to do something. That is why I analyse your natural talents and possibilities. Unfortunately life can be frustrating and demand-driven when we are not in touch with our inner compass, our heart.  Curious? You are welcome!

Welcome 4-inspiration at therapist Amstelveen

Whatever your question is, you are welcome. My door is always open for people who like to develop. It can be you that you feel trapped. Either you would like to invest in yourself, in your luck, pleasure and health. My approach is positive and practical.

Examples which we will be working on:

My analytical life coaching and therapy gives good results.

Your own answers

Everything is somewhere inside you in order to improve your own life and make it purposeful. That is the basic idea of therapist and psychologist Amstelveen 4-inspiration.
I love to be your mirror, I show you what you do and how you behave. The first time you will hear about your automatic behavior, it might be confronting. For sure this will be an eye-opener. You will develop more confidence, will communicate better and will show strength. In short, you will create your own luck and will become your more natural you, who you really are.

Detect your own hidden solutions

Are you in doubt? Probably you walk around for quite a while and do you hesitate if you want to have professional guidance. When you are wondering about this, it is useful to come. I love to inspire you.

Recently Carla has added family constellations to her techniques. Psychologist Amstelveen used to join CoachCafé from Alumni Universiteit Leiden to coach international students.


Call or mail me if you have any questions or if you like to have an appointment with psychologist Amstelveen (also in the evening)

Alleen met het hart kun je goed zien, het wezenlijke is voor de ogen onzichtbaar. ” Uit: ‘De Kleine Prins’ van A. de Saint Exupéry

Client about therapy in Alphen Amstelveen

“Dankjewel voor de inzichten! Ik heb jouw werkwijze als warm, verfrissend, actueel en to-the-point ervaren. Ik ben blij dat ik mijn keuze voor een psycholoog Alphen op jou heb laten vallen.”
“Wat mij erg geholpen heeft (ook afgelopen jaar) is bewust zijn van: ‘wat geeft mij energie?’ Dat was toen bij jou een eye-opener en helpt me erg om aandacht voor de balans te blijven houden. Want het blijft een valkuil dat ik zo graag zo veel wil doen en van alles wel wat kan.”
“It’s a great experience how quick people are capable to look to themselves who they really are and what latent capabilities they have. It’s sure you get more than you’ve paid for. I recommend therefor Carla psychologist Amstelveen very strongly to others.”
Roel Fiolet, KLM
“Carla is a professional lifecoach: she inspires her clients to develop their talents and using their own sources. She shows real leadership in choosing the right method and techniques which will suit you”
“Psychologist Amstelveen combines creativity, playfullness and talent in an inspiring manner. That is why the deepness of her work is accesible. She know how to touch your centre and acts very smoothly in answering your questions and necessities.”
Nynke, Coach
psychologist for therapy Amstelveen Alphen